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I P Events- Intellectual property events

Marathons, -Marathon running is one of the most arduous tests of human will and endurance for a runner and organizing and staging a marathon for its organizers. We have managed and been with some of the most amazing road running and walking events. Fashion Shows-We have proudly built a reputation as the leading Fashion show event specialists. Our experience in delivering events means we have the technical expertise and creative know-how to really understand what it takes to deliver memorable events.We specialize in staging , backdrop , Lighting and publicity of the event . Sports Events – conducts sports events for organizations and corporate bodies, yet what we genuinely have confidence in, is making wearing encounters that stay with our clients for their life. With our team’s personal sporting experiences, a great comprehension of the sporting industry and first hand knowledge of what truly makes a sporting experience special for every individual, Be Sports guarantees you the environment of a sporting carnival through every event we organise. latest addition is FLEA EVENTS.